Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | HOW TO EAT A BOOK

In preparation for your Author Visit:

We are looking forward to our upcoming Author Visit with your school!


A couple of logistical questions leading up to the visit:

  1. What is the best contact phone number and email for your school?

  2. What grades are we presenting to, and how many students will be present?

    3. We will arrive 15 minutes prior to the event. We would like to know where to park             and the name of the person in the office we should check-in with.​

Technology we will need for our presentation:

A projector with screen for a Google Slide presentation and 2 microphones.

Our Google Slide presentation has music and will need the appropriate audio speaker to project the sound.

Pre-order Forms:

Download a pre-order form for parents to fill out so their child can bring home a signed copy of HOW TO EAT A BOOK the day of the event!


We are looking forward to our day together! Please let us know if you have any questions!


All the Best,


Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod _ How to Eat a Book

Strange it is,
strange but true,
the way to eat a book
is to let the book eat YOU!