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“Takes ‘battle of the books’ to a whole new level.

– Kirkus Reviews-

How to Eat a Book | Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | Union Square & Co.

“Sheila sat down to eat her first book

and the strangest thing happened...

The book ate HER.”


Picture Book Ages 3-8

On shelves October 4th, 2022

HOW TO EAT A BOOK | PreOrder Now | October 2022
HOW TO EAT A BOOK | Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | PreOrder Now | October 4th, 2022

The Grunions are coming this Fall.


Text and images from HOW TO EAT A BOOK copyright ©2022 MRS. & MR. MACLEOD.

THE GRUNIONS | 2022 Book Series | Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | Book 1: How to Eat a Book

Sheila Grunion has never met an answer she does not question.
Gerald Grunion finds himself lost in the oddest of places.
Geraldine Grunion is a walking volcano with bows in her hair.

Welcome to the
curiously twisted world
of the Grunions.


Strange it is,
strange but true,
the way to eat a book
is to let the book eat YOU!




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