Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | HOW TO EAT A BOOK
How to Eat a Book | Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | Union Square & Co.

“Sheila sat down to eat her first book

and the strangest thing happened...

The book ate HER.”



Picture Book Ages 3-8

On shelves October 4th, 2022

Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | HOW TO EAT A BOOK

“Takes ‘battle of the books’ to a whole new level.

– Kirkus Reviews-

Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | How to Eat a Book

Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod live in a small cabin, under a big tree, on a medium sized hill, with their five growing children. HOW TO EAT A BOOK is their debut picture book in The Grunions series  featuring Sheila, Gerald and Geraldine Grunion. 


The Grunions are coming this Fall.


Text and images copyright ©2022 MRS. & MR. MACLEOD.

HOW TO EAT A BOOK | PreOrder Now | October 2022
HOW TO EAT A BOOK | Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | PreOrder Now | October 4th, 2022

Text and images from HOW TO EAT A BOOK copyright ©2022 MRS. & MR. MACLEOD.


Strange it is,
strange but true,
the way to eat a book
is to let the book eat YOU!



Sheila Grunion has never met an answer she does not question.
Gerald Grunion finds himself lost in the oddest of places.
Geraldine Grunion is a walking volcano with bows in her hair.

Welcome to the
curiously twisted world
of the Grunions.



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Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod | HOW TO EAT A BOOK

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