(Sequel to The King of Muck”)   

The Queen of Clean

Illustration Note: The Queen of Clean is a half-eaten rice and bean burrito,

wrapped in tinfoil that looks like a fairy godmother dress. She is holding a

feather duster scepter. In a pool of mud she meets her match, The King of Muck.



I’M made of RICE and BEANS!!

In ALL my years,  SUCH A MESS, I have never SEEN!!!

“Today’s a special day,

For I have come your way,

If you’re lucky, and you clean up,

I may even stay!”

[King of Muck]                                        “Why don’t you go away?”


[Queen of Clean]                                          “What a nasty thing to say!”


“I’M all the things that Autumn brings,

And Winter throws away,

I’M feathers and fluff and mist,

I’M wearing a leprechaun’s kiss,

From my gown to my crown,

To all parts around,

You have never seen beauty LIKE THIS! 

[King of Muck]                                     “Will you stop bothering me?”

[Queen of Clean]                                                    “Bothering YOU!                          

                                                                       This, is NOT true!

Tis’ you whom is bothering I!”

[King growing physically larger and visibly prouder with each insult.]

“You are the MUCKIEST, GRUBBIEST guy,

You’re  cross and your crude,

You’re AWFUL and rude,

Your crown it is covered in FLIES!!!

[King gets a big smile on his face, self-satisfied.]

“You’re ickier than ick can be!

            You put the uck’ in ucky!            

Your face is a mess,

Your muck’s on my dress,

I could say more,

But prefer to say LESS!”

[King is falling in love with Queen.]

“I shall now be on my way!

With my final words I say,

Good riddance to you!

You stink like a shoe!

Have you anything to say?!”

[King of Muck]                                           “Well, maybe you should stay.”

[Queen of Clean]                                                                  “Okay.”    

[Queen smiles]



                       (Next book in series: “ The Prince of Plop”)

Children's Picture Book Ages 3-8

198 words