The Boy with Buried Treasure


There’s a Boy by the sea,

stacking stones, climbing trees.   

He treasures everything.


He treasures rocks, socks, puddles, and plops!

Sticks, twigs, little earwigs!

Small grassy hills, Buffalo Bills!

Little things shiny and slimy, and still.

Stuff that is small, 

and stuff that is not...


...things he remembers,

and things we forgot.


The Boy has many small bottles,

the bottles are dusty and old.

They are dark inside,

the perfect place to hide,

Treasures to never be told.


The Boy wishes to hide all his Treasures,

to hide them where?

He does not know.

The Boy thinks about rocks,

and other secret spots...

Places where Nobody goes.


The Boy says, “If I go to this place,

then surely another may come!”

“What if I walk there backwards?

What if instead I just RUN!”


“Run ‘til I run no further...

RUN until I no longer run!”


“Then I will be somewhere secret...

A place where I do not know,

THERE I will bury my Treasure;


Where Nobody goes.”


The Boy finds the spot where Nobody goes,

and Yes he does know this,

and Yes,

Treasure grows...


The Boy buries his Treasures,



Down in the ground.


Inside is where they are hidden...

Outside is where they are found!


                      (Next book in series: “The Boy with the Bell with the Bees”

Children's Picture Book Ages 3-8

207 words

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