Illustration Note: Story takes place on a farm in Northern California.

Red Balloon,

In love with the Moon,

Each night he tells her,

“I’ll be with you soon.”


“I’ll be with you soon,

There’s only one thing,

I’m a Red, Red Balloon,

With a long, long string,


 That wiggles and dangles,

And tiggles and tangles,

With just about everything.”


“I started as a red piece of plastic,

Really nothing fantastic.

Small and flat,

I looked like a rat, doing backwards gymnastics.”


“Then, I met a girl with long hair,  

She kissed me and filled me with air.


Strangest of things,

She took out a string,

And tied with the greatest of care.”


“Next, I met a boy on a bike.

THIS, I really did like. 


The sounds of the breeze,  

As we rode through the trees,  

Until day was caught by the night.”


“That’s when I first saw YOU,

Turn night’s black to a blue,

I knew right then,

I must not pretend,

And YES,

Our love, it is true.”

“Oh... you slow fade away

AWAKE, in another day,

With a string that is longer,

I met an old farmer,

Who was stacking big piles of hay.”


“I lassoed a golden key,

Danced with 2 bumblebees,

Looked all around,

but could not find,

3 things I cannot see.”


“Bound to a billy goat,

Wrapped up a scribbled note.

If I could I’d hitch myself

to a cosmic sailboat.

“Yes, YOU my Pi of the sky,

Often I wonder why,

You don’t come down here,

The answer’s unclear,

For each night you pass me by...”


“And each day my string does grow.

This, I wish you to know.

There’s many fine things, attached to my string,

Though none do match your glow.”




Standing tall,  

Waiting for me.

Arms of a friend,

Happy to see me again,

Oh, please...DO NOT POP ME!!!”

“If, I squeeze through the branches just right,

I’ll be set off  into free flight.

Close your eyes,

And wait for me there,”

I will be with you tonight.”

Children's Picture Book Ages 3-8

358 words

Red Balloon,

in Love with the Moon