The Land of the Man of Sand

The King of Muck

The Queen of Clean

(sequel to "The King of Muck")

Central Character(s): King of Muck meets delusional yet endearing Queen of Clean

“I AM the QUEEN of CLEAN! I’M made of RICE and BEANS!!

In all my years, SUCH A MESS, I have never SEEN!!!...”

Red Balloon, in Love with the Moon

Central Character(s): Red Balloon with

a long, long string, Moon

“Red Balloon, in love with the Moon,

Each night he tells her, ‘I’ll be with you soon,’

I’ll be with you soon, There’s only one thing,

I’m a Red, Red Balloon with a long, long string...”


Grandma’s Way

Central Character(s): Young Chinese American girl,

Wise Grandma, Nosy Neighbors

“...Grandma replied, in her Grandma way,

‘Good or bad, hard to say’...

The Invisible Playground

on the World’s Smallest Hill

Central Character(s): 6 yr olds MacGregor MacBurger & Invisible Bill

“MacGregor MacBurger has something to sell

and surely I’d buy it if I didn’t know him so well...

The Boy with the Bell with the Bees

(Based on a true story)

Central Character: 6 year old Boy 

“The Boy with the Bell with the Bees,

Walks barefoot through the Valley of Trees,

The Bees follow along, The Bell sings its sweet song,

The Boy with the Bell with the Bees...”

Central Character: 6 year old Boy

“...The Boy has many small bottles,

the bottles are dusty and old.

They are dark inside, the perfect place to hide,

Treasures to never be told...

Screen shot 2018-09-28 at 4.50.44 PM.png

I’mFree is the Forest of Beauty

    Central Character: Female lead named "I'mFree"

  “In the Forest of Beauty there lives a girl,

        With hair the color of rainbow curls.

           The Forest of Beauty is such a great home,

              With trees to climb up in, and meadows to roam.

                  Home to the deer, the ducks, and the bees,

                      The Forest of Beauty is more than it seems...

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