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Illustration Note: The book is ideally designed for a triangle die-cut shape

but can be easily formatted for standard book dimensions.

In the Forest of Beauty there lives a girl,

With hair the color of rainbow curls.


The Forest of Beauty is such a great home,

With trees to climb up in, and meadows to roam.


Home to the deer, the ducks, and the bees,

The Forest of Beauty is more than it seems...


The girl has a name, her name is I’MFREE,

Young, strong and bold, I’MFREEs a WildWee.


I’MFREE lives together with all of her friends,

Her family, a fox, the list never ends.


I’MFREE plays all day, sleeps all night.

Everything’s natural.

Everything’s right.


“I’MFREE! I’MFREE! Come over and play!

I’MFREE! I’MFREE!” All the WildWee say.


I’MFREE always smiles, she talks with a laugh,

She never remembers, or thinks of the past.


I’MFREE so alive, she dances with trees,

Sings with the birds, flies with the breeze.


I’MFREE, as a child, is daring and bold,

Four seasons pass, now I’MFREE’s old.


I’MFREE has a mind that is racing too fast,

She always remembers and thinks of the past.


She thinks of the good, thinks of the bad,

Wonders if she would, wonders if she had?


I’MFREE gets upset about so many things,

She no longer plays, she forgets how to sing.


I’MFREE, I’MFREE feels lost on her path,

She no longer smiles, she no longer laughs.


The Forest of Beauty is still a great home,

I’MFREE has no reason to feel alone.


I’MFREE is hungry, she wants more out of life.

She packs a small sack,

And with her mind takes flight.


I’MFREE uses her feet to walk out the door,

And back to the Forest where she will explore.


Confused, and anxious she wanders around,

Until she hears a THUNDEROUS sound.


“Climb me! CLIMB MEE!! CLIMB MEEEEE!!!!” BigBamBu screams.


I’MFREE looks up frightened, “Are you talking to me?”





“BigBu is the oldest and wisest around,

She grows and grows without a sound.”


“Where did that voice come from?”


“It came from the ground.

My name is BabyBu. How do you do?

3 days old, but I already knew.”


“What do you know?” I’MFREE whispers down.


“I know that BigBu is the wisest around.”


“She wants me to climb her all the way up,

I never will make it, I’m just not that tough.”

To climb and to grow is what you must do,

Be bold and remember, I’m waiting for you.”


“How Big is BigBu?”


“Nobody knows. Each day BigBu’s bigger, each day BigBu grows.”


“Past the clouds where Nobody sees,

The top of BigBu, keeps calling to me.”


I’MFREE watches the Sunset, and kisses it goodbye.

I’MFREE sees the stars shoot across the night sky.


The Forest of Beauty falls silent tonight,  

The birds go to bed, until first glimpse of light.


I’MFREE’s body sleeps, but her mind is AWAKE,

Alive in a dream, she will create.


I’MFREE dreams a rose, it appears in her hand.

The world is so beautiful, believe it you can.


I’MFREE dreams and dreams about so many things,

She becomes a giant grasshopper with butterfly wings.


Beautiful BigBu appears in her dream,

Only this time BigBu does not scream,

She cries, Your thoughts and fears from yesterday,

Let them float, and drift away, don’t be chained.”


I’MFREE listens close to what BigBu does say.

I’MFREE’s eyes open to a beautiful day.


I’MFREE wide awake, her eyes shining clear.

She sees everything, no matter how far or near.


I’MFREE tells herself, “I’m going to climb, and leave all fear far, far behind.”


BigBu smiles and laughs at IMFREE,


I’MFREE is not sure what she will do,

She stares up at the Sky’s colorful quilt of blue.


All the Birds begin to sing…

“Believe in yourself, you can do anything!”…


The Wind whispers, “No one will stop you,

Nothing will stand in your way.”


I’MFREE smiles deep, smiles deep inside.

“TODAY is the DAY, I will no longer hide!”


I’MFREE stands tall, looks at BigBu, but

For some reason her feet will not move.


“The first step is the hardest one,

Once you take it, you can walk to the Sun!”


All the Birds continue to sing.

“Believe in yourself, you can do anything!”


The Wind whispers

“No One will stop you, Nothing will stand in your way.”


I’MFREE climbs up BigBu’s back.

She tickles her ribs and makes BigBamBu laugh.


She laughs, “Life’s not so serious. ENJOY IT and play,

give THANKS to each sunset, give LOVE to each day.”


I’MFREE takes her first step and starts to climb,

In this moment she forgets about time.


Here and Now grab hold of I’MFREE,

She no longer tries, she lets herself be.


I’MFREE will do anything her mind can create,

I’MFREE lives her dreams, while she is AWAKE.

I’MFREE grows not tired, she grows stronger instead,

A Chorus of Rainbows bounce out of her head.


I’MFREE climbs and climbs straight to the top,

She knows she will do it, she never will stop.


I’MFREE reaches the top, looks up at the Sky,

Looks down at the Forest, and starts to cry.


I’MFREE  is happy, and full of love,

She gives BigBu a great Big hug.


Her Tears wash away,

And Now we can see...


The Forest of Beauty is one with IMFREE.

(Next book in series: IMFREE and the WildWee)

Children's Picture Book Ages 3-8

896 words